Inventory & Accounting Software

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Inventory & Accounting Software

21,000 Taka Only
Including Domain and Hosting
Advance Inventory SoftwareAdvance Inventory Software

Inventory & Accounting Software:
• Purchase
• Sale
• Stock
• Accounts
• Revenue & Expenses
• Profit Or Loss
• Balance Sheet
• Income Statement
• Salary Management
• Cash-Book & Bank-Book
• Customer Info Recording System
• Supplier Info Recording System
• Dynamic Customer Search
• 1 Domain Name Registration
• 200 MB Hosting
• Free 3 pages Dynamic Website

Development Charges: BDT 21,500 Taka Only
(Including Domain & Hosting)

* For per Additional Web Page BDT 1,000 Taka Only. Yearly Charges 2,000 Taka Only for Domain & & Hosting renewal Services

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Designing Preferences

Designing Preferences

Satisfaction of clients: In case of designing our first preference is satisfaction of our clients. We are bound to give on time delivery of quality work to achieve satisfaction of our clients. Speed: Many people have very slow Internet connection so if the website is not fast loading then often the viewer gets irritated and goes to another site. So we try our best to produce ...
Specialized Softwares

Specialized Softwares

Features of our software: • No chance of data loss since data is stored in remote server • Multiple User support with 3 layer security protocol • Data recording, organizing, viewing, editing and printing • Automatic Daily and Datewise Report Generation • Dynamic Searching of any data stored in the Database • Completely Dynamic and Absolutely Secure Database • Global Roam ...
Website Hosting in Bangladesh

Website Hosting in Bangladesh

Adova Soft are bringing a new era in Website Hosting in Bangladesh. We are providing the most customized services available in Bangladesh. Adova Soft have customizes website hosting plans for business corporations and enterprises, flourishing and prospering business companies, emerging business companies and also for personal users. Our website hosting plans starts from 50MB an ...
Technology Used

Technology Used

• Data storage: Mysql Database, Remote Web server • Interface: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax • Server and Compiler Platform: Either Linux or Windows platform • User Platform: Platform Independent ...
Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

• 25 % of the payment has to be paid in advance on date of contract signing. • After contract signing the completed Website or Software will be delivered within a fixed due date. A functional demo of shall be presented halfway to due date after the contract signing. • 25 % of the payment has to be paid in advance on demo delivery. • If any changes are asked after the d ...
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